Peaceful warrior. By Nina Yin


A sacred story of a Zen monk in ancient Japan; training under a samurai retainer Ninyin knew as the way; to make a decision in the space of seven breaths but couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get over a side to him; a side making him distracted from his training. To dash in head on was the way of the samurai; to dedicate ones body and mind to the way. Ancient Japan was an interesting place.

The Abbot sensed the distractions inside Ninyin One day the teacher instructed him to meditate in front of a mirror until he understood the purpose of this confliction within himself. Unsure of how his master sensed this he sat down in front of the mirror. On the first day he grew weary and applied powdered rouge when he was pale as not to look weak. On the second day his eyes began to open more widely and sensed a change in mindset and on on the third day; although his head was shaved as all the male monks were he saw a beautiful woman staring back at him and stared in awe at her.

“This is the side that has distracted me? “. Tears rolled down her cheeks and the purpose of the confliction became evident. Ninyin had studied Zen and meditated her whole life. To see who she really is.


She took the realization to the master; afraid of condemnation from the temple but enlightened within herself. The master said to her, “Live life as if Buddha’s eyes were always watching you, if you can live in peace than this is surely The Way”.

She became known as the peaceful warrior, and after staying at the temple for 10 years she grew her hair long and began travelling the cities unlike most monks; on a constant journey to enlightenment.

Nina Yin

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