Liebster Award. / A writers heart.

I was nominated by:  Alhana06 Thank you!!!


She asked.

1.) What made you start writing?

I started writing about things, people and quotes that inspire me and millions of people across the planet. I can’t point at a what made or makes me other than inspiring people; hundreds of them.

2.) What is your biggest pet peeve for your significant other, or your dream date? Why?

It’s hard for me to say I have a pet peeve for the most important person in my life. My pet peeve is that we can’t physically crawl into each others heads telepathically. I think I’d like that. She’s also a tease but that’s a yin and yang I love to hate and hate to love. 🙂

3.) What would be your dream vacation?

Myself, Girlfriend, Ziggy and brother Doryan and my parents staying somewhere tropical but able to visit temples, perhaps Thailand or India.

4.) What band would you love to see in concert?

The Roots performing J Dilla, Or Stone Mecca with the Rza

5.) What is your favorite quote of all time?

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

-Haile Selassie

6.) What is your favorite book?

The Tao of Wu

7.) Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

Buddha, they say Buddhism isn’t about “becoming a Buddhist” it’s just about becoming a better person.

8.) Who was the first Author you read?

Ill just say Dr. sues because that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Green eggs and ham. 🙂 That was my jam, Sam I am.

9.) What makes you laugh more than anything else?

Being with my girlfriend; letting go of myself makes me laugh about pretty well anything. Laughing at myself more often than not nobody’s perfect!

10.) Do you ever want more than what you have for you life right now? Why? What would it be?

I’d like to be doing more film projects, they say a picture paints a thousand words, perhaps films paint a million, film schools are in my future. I’d also like less of something in my life: plastic products and the monetary system.

11.) What is your favorite thing about yourself?

That I have a passion to grow, still feeling young and eager to learn. I also hope I inspire a few people along the way as an outspoken transgender woman or just an outspoken person.


Thank you.    For the nomination.

I nominate:

Zen Flash: Zen Flash

The Militant Negro: The Militant Negro

Haiku out of Africa: Haiku out of Africa

Warrior Publications: Warrior Publications

Dosenkunst: Dosenkunst


To those I nominated nominate I ask the following questions.

1. Where do you find inspiration?

2. What’s your dream career?

3. Who is your favorite poet?

4.What makes you “tick” and why?

5.What was your first major memory as a child?

6.Describe a “perfect world” .

7. If you could live anywhere on earth where would it be?

8. What’s your biggest obstacle?

9. Who’s your biggest musical influence?

10. Why do you write?

11. What’s the single most important issue mankind faces in 2016 and what would you like done about it?


Nominate 4-11 people and ask them 11 questions that come to mind about your nominees.

All the best!


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