Love Letters – Nina

Ultra inspired
energized bunny style I hope you can feel it my love

Begging you to feel my love ;I’ve never been happier
Saturated in a good thing with you my love.

I’m on my way baby and you being the destination I type away.
Wit’ such Infatuation.

Me being the only one you trust I believe it to be my case too
No one on earth can replace you…my one ; my one is you

Your my refuge; always needing you around, holding me down
Your my only one and you make me proud.

Smile for me,cause that’s like the pinnacle.
On top the world with you. You my God Damn…





3 thoughts on “Love Letters – Nina”

  1. Love that closing stanza.
    Back in ’89 I simply slid in the place
    Buddy, buddy, buddy all up in your face
    A lot of kids was busting rhymes but they had no taste
    Some said Quest was wack, but now is that the case?


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