Two minutes, before I Run Free or Die

This poem plays a huge role for me as a writer; The movie Slam resonated deep inside me. This is just one of the poems in the movie…


My back is against a brick wall
I got a Mack truck two inches from MY FACE!!
Well run free baby, run now
It just looks hard, but it would be, SOOO easy
Just turn around and go!
Clip all the wires, hook-ups and hangups
And then you’re HOME FREE
You can give birth, to an excuse so easily
You’ll believe it’s always been there
While the natural order made-to-order
By your forever clever MIND
CONSTANTLY protecting you against things
You no longer need to be protected FROM!
I believe like a holy roller
Singing sweaty preaching Go Tell It On The Mountain
While speaking in twenty different tongues and diving
In ten thousand feet of baptismal water
Without a life preserver
I believe like my bullet-ridden brother
Out there somewhere RIGHT NOW
Gurgling blood through his LAST BREATH
Spitting out a red bright prayer
So new, so sweet, so baby fresh
So full of truth he thinks he can save his life!

God does not exist in desperation
And Hope is lying dead, somewhere in the sewer
Down the street around the corner in the alley
Underneath the feet of somebody
JONES’N for that next hit and suckin somebody’s dick!

Got two minutes y’all
Before I run free or die, y’all!
Two minutes…
Before I, smash my face into the grill of a Mack truck
Before I get, ten thousand bricks shoved up my ass

Sonja John

Slam – the movie

Run Free or Die – Sonja John . Slam Poetry Reading Link

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