Mirrors and time. – Nina

An imaginative creature with a desire for adventure, forever in youth.
Years went by…

She looked in that mirror at 13 years old absolutely baffled. It changed everything. “Oh that’s who I am,”. She thought. Eyes wide as the moon shocked in awe. Now I see… A girl is who I am and who I am meant to be.But as most stories go years upon years went by ignoring self in the mirror of time. Dumbfounded by complexities and obstacles to simply finding oneself. She roamed about indulging in indulgence. Schooling in school and working in work. Fulfillment was un-achieved it was simply just work.

Of course there were the slightest attempts to reclaim who she was, where she was going and what she represents. But… Instead of believing in herself she simply listened to others, burying dreams and emotions, tossing them in oceans of acid. Profound sadness eventually madness engulfed her mind absolutely unable to unwind, she left it all…

Luckily for her time allowed the dream so resurface, emerging with profound purpose.

        Seeing the truth in a new light wings grew for a new flight. The wind simply carries as the wind usually does and she grew into something unusually good… The world slowly lifted off of her shoulders and she sees herself in the mirror once again.

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