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A balanced life has a rhythym. But we live in a time, and in a culture, that encourages everyone to just move faster. I’m learning that if I don’t take the time to tune in to my own more deliberate pace, I end up moving to someone else’s, the speed of events around me setting a tempo that leaves me feeling scattered and out of touch with myself. I know now that I can’t write fast; that words, my own thoughts and ideas, come to the surface slowly and in silence. A close relationship with myself requires slowness. . .

A thoughtful life is not rushed.

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Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by – Nina

A Buddhist monk who studied and meditated on the teachings of Buddha for over a decade wanted to speak with an enlightened one who dwelled alone in a small temple high in the mountains. He prepared for his journey eager to hear his teaching. After 7 days of rigorous hiking he reached the temple.

The master greeted him and welcomed him inside. The master put some tea on to boil and they sat in silence. The monk became very eager and unsettled in not hearing his teaching. The master poured the tea and sat with the monk. The monk didn’t drink his tea and began questioning his master of Buddha.

The master replied.. “You have studied Buddhism for 20 years and can not simply enjoy this cup of tea?” The monk wept…. as another step to enlightenment lay under his feet….

Nina Yin

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Source: Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Vestergaard.

Taoist Mystic by Nina Yin

There was nothing, became everything, words devastating.

The tongue is far sharp-er sword. Bit-er sweet words

They ink jot and plot on pages

Captivating your mind, your captive in this ancient

Way. Since pyramids you peer-amidst scripture

The script will surely fit-the-picture

Graffiti-esque hieroglyphs; of time

In rhyme-form or devine-chords

Forever and ever and ever… trying to define more

Writers n biters, stolen ideas are the highest potential in-sequential

Prior to this something there was a comforting nothing




Ghosts in the shade.

Death is kinda cool when ya get used to it! Shieeet* I’m translucent.

When a “faggot” passes on, sometimes they drag-on.. “Dragon,”m MORELIKEIT! imploring that I’m coming for YOUR LIFE BITCH.

Loosening up your floorboards creeking* creeping toward yours.

You called me a freak cause I wore make, up… my lace covered face tasting your blood ingedient of your hate as you wake up.

Sweeter than sex is revenge let’s pretend YOU made amends, I’ll chill a moment… amen”

Playing pianos while your in bed shitting yourself alone eyes wide as a full moon lit. Fit of despair your screams are useless. Or maybe in the basement hanging nooses as amusement.

I hope you use it….

They used to tell me “get ghost.”

Now I’m playing host in bloodstained robes.

I’m crawling up your ceiling eyeballs gleaming with utter disgusting nothingness asking if you remember when you tried forcing me to suck your….

You would harass my phone…now you dread; the dead ringing ” you” is this your last **** -HELL-O ****

It’s… It’s… shade on the phone….

People make me nauseous. Should have been a little more cautious I’m coming up to your room as several different Objects to turn your body        innnnnnside out and CONVEX.

Ghosts in the shade, stay away from our sets.

When the stars lit I’m outside your window.

Don’t make me crawl in.





My Angel Sleeps – Nina

When I see you there in my bed;

serenity and calmness

A complete trust

I run my hands along you as to say ” I’m in your dreams my love”

:with care I know you oh so well

Dimly lit I can see your gorgeous silloute

In the here and now I can feel complete in the complete silence

But your calm breath,

Soothing… to my soul

I place my arms around you, close as I can be

I’m awake in this dreamingly moment

As my Angel sleeps.