The two coolest sayings from the A2 psychiatric ward. – Nina



I’ve spent some time locked up for being “loco,”.

I met amazing people, some completely there and others… completely gone. I had a girlfriend in one trip to the ward, fell into a sexual relationship locked up under the mental health act after she “escaped” literally… we parted ways.

We had crack dealers in the ward if you needed your fix. I met Kansr and Outlaw Ali there. Ali was my best friend when I was the most down and the most afraid I have ever been in my life.

Ali was murdered leaving my friends house a few years ago and it still really hurts… rest in peace Ali. And shout outs to TK the Kansr kid* stay bombing wherever you are.

My favorite psych ward sayings:

“The giraffe already peeked in that window”.


“Don’t worry, they’ve already cloned you”.

Fucking eh

Sincerely Nina

Stories from the worst ranked psychiatric ward in Canada. Rat infested, crack den, pill pushing rape trap.



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