Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Yin / Goodnightnina.

A Buddhist monk who studied and meditated on the teachings of Buddha for over a decade wanted to speak with an enlightened one who dwelled alone in a small temple high in the mountains. He prepared…

Source: Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Vestergaard.

One thought on “Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Yin / Goodnightnina.”

  1. Believe it or not, i have talked with such a soul!

    It was a few years back, we meet in a story (i don’t believe by coincident!)
    anyway, we then regain our conversation on a bus, where as most of the people getting bowed to said soul, leaving alone in the back of the bus..

    We discussed similar theories, into stepping into tomorrow, while keeping one foot into today..

    You see;

    One must keep a thread, or one never goes back, defeating the purpose of the experience an the gaining of knowledge!

    kisses chris


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