Zen and Breathing. via BalanceInMe.com

Changing Yourself Through Your Breath

Deep breathing has been used to prepare for meditation since the beginning of human civilization. In the Hindu tradition, this practice was called pranayama and was used by yogis to improve their health and prepare for meditation.

My teacher used to say that “Your breath is your power”. And when you see someone full of energy and vitality, you’re seeing someone who understands the power of deep breathing.

My friend Diana shows you a style of meditation that uses a powerful deep breathing technique on this page (click here to check it out).

When you use a proper breathing technique, it will trigger natural and automatic movements which will relieve the tension that you have accumulated in your body. This will allow you to be far more mindful and will train your body to be effortlessly mindful in day to day life.

That’s why my teacher was right to place so much importance on deep breathing.

And it’s also why you should check out this style of meditation.

Keep meditating!

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