Change, Fear and my Inner Child – Nina

Waking up and pondering my soul

I’m addicted to change I think…

It always brings life into a new light; breathing creativity into my soul

Waking up knowing today is going to be something anew

Something to make my heart skip;

Life wasn’t meant to be the repetitive loops of humanity

Life is supposed to be filled with spontaneity

Change is good


I could be addicted to danger too or… fear

The adrenaline of fear or… the conquering of such

Why is safety so comforting anyways?

Does one really have space to grow feeling utterly “safe”?

Mankind would go nowhere

These day people spend a lot more time inside

Technological advances draw us away from nature

And from reality


Addicted to my imagination or simply my playful side

Inner child without cares or worries

I like to dance and run

Free of fear and addicted to change


I hope it takes me places…



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