Dreaming of murder by: Nina


6:19 AM :That’s sleeping in for me. Crawl to the laptop and its hard to keep my eyes open. The coffee maker is crackling. I just dreamt that I murdered an old friend and oddly thats not shocking and I’m just exited how real the night city-scape was in my subconscious mind.  So surreal and I definitely had no idea I was dreaming: asking friends for help to cover up the murder. I cant remember exactly what he did but it was enough for us to bash his skull in. Blood stained memory cards taken by homicide investigators as I take cover in the night> Maybe this post is too much for the morning… I made a poetry slam video called: Dreams/Every Night because I dream every night and they are usually extremely realistic and often profound. Obviously there was more to the dream than the murder and thats why I brought it up. As I sat in the car going to pick up stolen evidence on the murder case; the lights and the city and the traffic just seemed “too real” more real than the concious world we live in. I came to the conclusion that this city was somes ort of duplicate (technically it was) I began to drive frantically through the alleys unsure where I was going DUMBFOUNDED BY SUBCONCIOUS IMAGERY left, right, left right. I come into a dead end… 6:19 AM:  Thats sleeping in for me. Crawl to the laptop and try to keep my eyes open…



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