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Well we figured Saturday night was the most appropriate time to share this latest work from Olivier Roubieu due to its risque nature, with this nude grey-scale portrait he painted on Thursday at the Southbank Skate Park. Showcasing Olivier Roubieu’s new shift in focus and direction towards black & white erotic art based on subjects and images […]

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GRAFFITI DAILY: Ashley Road (3) — Natural adventures

Just writing my name This wall is probably the most over-painted practice wall in Bristol.For any pieces to last here, they have to be pretty good. This brilliant and colourful work by Deamze remained intact and untagged for a long while, but like all good things it has now gone. It is impossible not to […]

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Today in story form. -Nina

I promised myself that I would write today for the sake of writing but I don’t feel like I’m forcing it at all. I woke up this morning around 7 o’clock and saw the sunshine cascading through the cracks of my blinds knowing it was going to be a beautiful day. I quickly had coffee, got dressed and did my make-up, exited to run round the city. Walked down the block to get some change for the bus and as I was walking I could swear the flagger girl directing traffic called my name “Nina!” and told me to have a good day… “You too!”… I said smilingly.

I didn’t even exactly decide where I was going; either to pick up a check or to see the love of my life n wake her up n surprise her. As situations played out I stayed on the bus heading to grab the money n grab her after. I sat at the back of the bus truly enjoying this beautiful weather, people, vibes along the river on marine drive south Vancouver. A little girl got on the bus and ran down the isle sitting beside me noticing the art on my tablet; sparking conversations on graffiti, dragons and being transgender at an age …probably 4 years old. I truly love this city; feeling so safe and sound…

I rode around the city bus by bus and got the dough I needed for rent, met up with my lover for breakfast and decided to go shopping. I found a leather studded purse and golden heart bracelets while Larissa grabbed a new summer dress n a very cute bra..She kept thanking me for coming to get her and go shopping n I didn’t know why… until she put it on the dress; I have to say she looked stunning. It’s still hot and sunny as I type this away from my new home maxin n relaxin in my bikini, naturally happily.


love you hun.




The Stone Beholder — The Militant Negro™

Originally posted on Color me in Cyanide and Cherry: *This breathtaking mural is by Misha Hunter, and was photographed by the wonderful Resa McConaghy The Stone Beholder I am The matting season of airborne sakura and the scalding asphalt; gift me your opals and I will nest them inside the linear odyssey of history’s grayscale.…

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