Breaking Trans: I’m having a panic attack stepping’ out the door for more. For what?

My stupid ___ mother___ bulls____ anxiety that is absolutely absurd ___ed me over today…to be worrin’ bout whatever the ****! people think of me when I’m hopping’ buss’s and riding around the city? For what…? Why…? I don’t know why…  but its painful !(physically) ….it’s become an issue for me all of a sudden but I do recognize the ins and outs of it! Yeah there gon’ be some people that’ll judge the trans sector of society but we can’t let that stop us from being ourselves… So amidst the  panic attacks I step out the door. Maybe not just for me, maybe I step out that door for other trans and genderqueer people or maybe I do it to show myself that anxiety is but an illusion created by a chemical imbalance in my mind.

I don’t know!

Trans people make up 0.03 of the population of the world making us very much a minority yeah thats true but…There are always going to be good and bad days for everyone, not just people with anxiety and not just trans people. Millions of people across the globe fight there own personal demons and nightmares.

But today I broke mine when I stepped out the door.

Breaking anxiety and breaking trans! 🙂

So shout outs to “me” in my red dress and L.A. Fitted Cap.


Glad to be home.


8 thoughts on “Breaking Trans: I’m having a panic attack stepping’ out the door for more. For what?”

      1. i am so embarrassed i meant Horti………….i shouldn’t write even comments when i am tired.


  1. You’ve got this girl! as someone who suffers from
    Debilitating anxiety I can completely understand where you are coming from in that regard. All I can say is that you conquered a big demon today and rocked it, and each time that happens it makes the next time more

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