Living in and escaping reality. A breath and a vision away.

11225997_523745491133883_3244804450055882299_nA tibetan meditation method has proven extremely effective for me (with practice). For months I would breathe in and out during times needed to let go. I was taught to picture an image in my head; it could be anything. As I breathe in, it comes closer to me and as I breathe out it draws further away. It has progressively become more and more effective on alleviating negative thoughts and as a matter of fact… thoughts at all. I learned from watching tibetan teacher at a conference teaching mediation.

As I said I have been practicing for months. Last night the image that I had been viewing for the last few months decides to change. It used to be a snow covered mountain that would draw itself in and out but for this time; for what reason I am not sure. What once was snow covered peaks daunting and treacherous yet beautiful mountains turned into an extremely simplicit image of a yellow flower. Now perhaps more simple, and meaningful to me the meditation was even more calming. I have been drawing flowers in my graffiti for quite some time. Drawing eyes inside my flowers; watching over the city. I love drawing them.

I am happy the flower has arrived and thought I would share the ideology of meditation, clarity and growth it brings.

And change.

Rant over


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