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Our City. Our Art. Our Vancouver

Culture - Public Art - 25th Anniversary - 25in25 series - 09 - MAY – Monument for East Vancouver  - Ken Lum - title image - pngMonument for East Vancouver, commissioned in 2009 by the City of Vancouver as part of the Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program, provided Ken Lum with an opportunity to pay tribute to the place where he was born and raised. His contribution transformed a decades-old symbol familiar throughout East Vancouver into a public artwork.

City of Vancouver Public Art Program – Monument for East Vancouver, 2010 by Ken Lum (Clark Drive at East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC) | Photo by Robert Keziere

City of Vancouver Public Art Program – Monument for East Vancouver, 2010 by Ken Lum | Photo by Robert Keziere

The artwork features a Latin cross formed by the intersection of two illuminated words: a vertical “EAST” and horizontal “VAN” with the two words sharing the letter “A.” The origins of this symbol are shrouded in mystery but possibly linked to the once-sizable Roman Catholic population living…

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Lost Souls Crew & Cheba At City Of Colours — London Calling Blog

This evening we thought we would like to take a look at this fantastic cosmic collaboration painted by the Lost Souls Crew & Cheba for the City Of Colours Street Art Festival held in Digbeth Birmingham this last weekend (covered here). Whenever the Lost Souls Crew, comprising Captain Kris, Si Mitchell, Squirl & SPZero76, get together you know […]

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The Internal and External Struggle For The “Transgender” Soul


When I was around the age of 14 I looked into the mirror late one evening… I saw a surprised young female staring back at me and little did I know the perils facing me in the next coming decade…. Growing up as a rambunctious hoodlum I was extremely oblivious of the world around me. Although I was a sponge of all brands of culture I had no real concept of what it meant to see yourself a little different. I am now 27 years old, socially and self aware; finally am speaking to professionals about my ambition to be my opposite gender.

Internally the struggle to live as a functioning transgender member of society is indifferent and extremely additive to an already visually polluted and corrupted mind set of the world today. The DSM |V is a diagnostic statistics manual for mental health disorder’s. In the DSM they have recently changed the “gender identity disorder” to “gender dysmorphic disorder” or “gender dysphoria”. Dysphoric basically means that one does not feel right being “the norm” they believe that they must be different from what some may expect them to be (at least they removed disorder). Regardless, professional opinion is that if one dresses or acts beyond the expectation it is beyond the “norm”. I say fuck your expectations but hey… thanks for noticing we exist.

Transgender youth are at higher risk for numerous violent crimes, murders, suicides and other unpredictable circumstances in North North America. Externally we truly have a lot of monumental atrocities to deal with at this period in history, but at the same time “We Out Here” trying to change things fo’ yo’ kids! No body wants to be the subject of extreme bullying, hate crimes, gay/trans bashing ect, ect, ect. More and more people are “outing” and “coming out”, we are all dealing with this on one level or another. Thank you to all of the people fighting every day for a more accepting and loving society.

As we fight this never-ending battle with the world and with ourselves, its our soul whom we owe the victor. You are your own biggest fan! Trust in yourself and thus in your life because some say in the end… “thats all you have”. But give thanks to all your friends and family love them dearly from here to the ends of the earth because it doesn’t matter if you gay, straight, trans or bi. We all here together and nobody wants to live a lie.


“Is there anything I can do to make myself Enlightened?” — Zen Flash

Student: “Is there anything I can do to make myself Enlightened?” Teacher: “As little as you can do to make the sun rise in the morning.” Student: “Then what use are the spiritual exercises you prescribe?” Teacher: “To make sure you are not asleep when the sun begins to rise.” ~Anthony de Mello Source: Tao […]

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UN-TITLED – nina



Practicing what we preach: out of reach; searching for peace but I think this is a unique piece:

In the midst of a middle riddle; I fiddle on the electronicals with supersonic speed atomical precision decision making heart racing; facing myself is always hardest; trying to depart it: impossible my clause interconnecting and hopping obstacles.

Questioning everything and returning to my breath; nothingness its so comforting but than again: back to reality of tragedy; calamity the causes of suffering: uttering threats into my inner soul; so powerful it can be picked up by Interpol.

Its funny how quick I switch from enlightened n lit to a frightened little bitch; I need to hitch a ride back to the relaxed fact that everything is in fact fine and intact or is it? Here I go again in slow motion repent everything I ever did.

Wait… everything happens for a reason and…

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