More Need, Greater Benefit


Great Middle Way

meditation-mudraThere is much anxiety and restlessness in most persons today, which are symptoms of agitation. The human mind simply cannot process properly the enormous amounts of sensory input to which it is exposed constantly. Thus, although finding the time and the emotional and physical ‘space’ in which to meditate may be more difficult in the modern world than it was in a rural setting in the past, the need and the benefit are actually greater.

There is an old Buddhist saying that everyone should meditate for ½ hour every day ―except for those who are too busy, who must meditate for at least one full hour.  This is not a clever, flippant remark. There is great wisdom in it, as the busier our lives, the greater the need to meditate.

However, please be gentle and kind to yourself. My Teacher used to say that meditating 7 days per week is optimal…

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