Journal Jot Dot Rambling Babble / Life is: Good. – Nina

Waking up and feeling amazing / Dumbfounded by the amount of dreams I had last night. What a miracle that I can see so much of my imagination uncontrolled while I sleep. I have been many places since I went to bed; It was truly dark… and truly beautiful. Life is extremely good. Ive had a few hard days but overall I am extremely thankful. Thankful that I made it through the last week. Even more so; I feel I am blessed.

Sitting here…. Here as I drink coffee and wait to see what my energy levels are like for today. Babbling away thinking… I want my girlfriend to move in with me… So very badly I want this. So: I’m hopefully going to chat with the landlord today and see if he can be open minded and take a pet deposit and having her move in with me. My girlfriend loves her dog; they are almost inseparable. I lover her dogs too… And I hate the fact we spend so much time apart. So I am working on it! I sent him a text but I think language is a huge barrier. Anyways Love You Hun, Miss You, Working on it!


Blogging has been a great outlet for me. I have three now that I am working on: My art blog ninayinartcollection now has 50 of my pieces posted which is really nice to see come together and if I am ever to want an art gig or class I can use it as my portfolio. Goodnightnina is becoming chaotic in my mind I am not 100% sure if I should start again and or perhaps I need to re-evaluate the content I post and keep on this page, hmmmmm, and then I started a little street photography blog ninalovesvancity which I hope to expand on as soon as I can. Only started a few days ago and its already glitchy. Oh well.

Transitioning is still great. I still love shopping and going out. I still love doing my make-up and getting to choose outfits. I still love taking pictures. I still love being able to be my authentic true self and expressing that however way I want to. I still love how my body and face have changed (however slightly that may be). I still love… well everything I guess when it comes to the changes.

Still Love Writing.

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