I don’t want to come down yet! – Nina

My bipolar is like riding a see-saw.

Just praying it’s not time to come down yet.

Not time to quit believing in myself.

Not time to be delusional yet.

Not time to spend the next few days crying.


Don’t let me hit the ground.

I don’t want to come down yet.



5 thoughts on “I don’t want to come down yet! – Nina”

  1. can relate 2 dat one…been up for the last 2 dayz myself…i think it’s in da’ air ..ya know..so try to take it easy!..for me i got to go out an do something maybe that’ll make me crash, but then do i really want to crash ? hmmm…keep smilin..a slam dunk poem backat urself an u’ll get it together,,,yes faith will prosper! in da end.. peace-out! Q

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