I know. A love poem.

I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she needs me.

She needs me to need and love her like I need her to need me and love me.

She is…

That soul search inside me…

She is “That best thing to happen”.

I know now. Maybe I’ve always known.

That she will always….

Will forever love me;

For whatever the day may bring.


Rampart my darkness. – Nina

Whatdyaa say we rampart my darkness?

Find out why my back arches

Lets play truth or dare

But a far more ruthless stare

From my innocent eyes

Watch me deminish my life to the abysmal truth

I live in disguise

I’ll tease you with my innocence

Reach out to touch and it diminishes

To a screaming demon with no rhyme or reason

Arching my back

Come back I’ll please you…

Drawn in my my fingertips

I’m the master of my own exploitation

A buck naked damnation

I’m demeaning myself

Demons revealing themselves

I’m a doctrine of my own toxins

Choking myself of oxygen

I cut my own lifeline

Watch the rope wither away

Falling for years

It’s Always been this way.

Theres only that one fucking moment in the day

Telling you to give the fuck up or keep going or to lay down and die or to run far far away

This isn’t the last time for me to lay down and die

I’ll die tomorrow and the next day and the next

Dying to have another step to take in any direction that isn’t “here”

Using all sorts of escape mechanisms

But the traps Ive created are far too real

Far too painful and I will never heal

I will never run away from this

Ever again