6 thoughts on “The Red Balloon; Photo by Sandra Harris”

    1. “I knew right away what I wanted to do with the balloon. I’d take it with me on a street photography shoot.

      Here in Vancouver we have the poorest neighbourhood in Canada. The combination of a port city and a mild climate make it very attractive to both drug dealers and users. The downtown eastside is where it all happens.

      It isn’t a ‘hood of gangsta drama. It’s a neighbourhood of people with severe addictions who are trying to get by in any way that they can.” – Sandra Harris (And her red balloon photo project)

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      1. Nonetheless, i too am an drug addict, who
        has no desire to stop…

        The hood is the hood,
        you can’t make any safer, they will kill you for five dollars…

        ifinn you’re trapped there it is by your own choosing, i too visit only because no dial a dealers are working!

        i truthfully hope you don’t judge me, through my honesty…

        In love chris

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