Mind Readers n Hyenas

I have no choice in the matter fact the latter

I’ll do it later; awaiting patiently; the disdain’d her

I kill blood spill for my retainer – disclaimer

I left a tip for the waiter on a tip of my tip of inspiration

So thankfully anxiously lifted up my sanctity

Manically running on fragile ice and its crackling

Cackling like a hyena; a mind reader

Couldn’t even define a rhyming reason

Laughing at my train of thought; insane I thought

When that train went off the rail and what not.


Shooting stars.

Bright as a shooting star, igniting the universe;I am born once again.

Illuminating the cosmos. Mesmerizing truths and realizations baffled before so clear now.

I was lost, trampling snow in a place unknown overthrown in self doubt and conflicted loathe.

I was self indulged in self destruction malnourished of real substance encompassed in self corruption never seeing light it’s obstructed.

But that’s past tense I’m fastened in my journey to my last quest, luminous natural like when the grass bends.

Blooming and blossoming. Autumn leaves. Calming breeze. A soldier like me only armed with peace.

Customized juxtaporized to my reborn self conducting rhymes that unlock the mind.

See clear.

The infinite number is single, you in this moment a single bell ringing, it humbles.


Source: Shooting stars.

Dilated Wordsmith. “In my poetry videos…”

In my poetry videos…

You may notice my pupils dilated

How faded inebriated; shade is.

So here comes another; words smothering comforting

My abundant soul sunset.

Its under control? Nonsense.

Untempt me from my crazy ways

So can amaze the grace page after page; a sage

Wait a second don’t taint or take a hasty weapon

I made; It be left wrecked.

Pain is a beautiful muse;

Make mistakes and tighten my noose

So tight until I can’t breathe

Reciting poetry from the…

Deep dark ocean; where i sleep

Drowning at the bottom;

Hand holding bottle

Putting the nozzle to my guzzle

And watch as my last breathe bubbles…

To the surface; where its worded

Popping and bubbling

It can be troubling

When Im at the bottom of the ocean