Sick of being sick.

sad girl cry 3.jpg

I wish I didn’t get sick on the daily

I don’t want to wonder what this pain is

In my stomach

I don’t want to wake up in agony

I don’t want to be scared of what that may be

I wan’t to be normal again

I wan’t to be in control of my day

I hate feeling like this

Feeling like shit every time I open my eyes

No answers from doctors every single time

For four months; I throw up when I wake up

With no clue what its a case of…

People keep calling me pregnant and its getting old

I wish! That would be a miracle and a gift!

This is a curse;

Ive never dealt with a sickness that troubled me worse

I got to get to the bottom of this

Find out what the damn problem is


“Throwing up

Tears running down my face

Waking up…

Like this.”



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