A choice.


Young and naive I be

I should quest to question everything

That I so called “See”.

Hear, Read and Breathe

This is a toxic place to be

My voices picking my poisons

Do I have any real choices

With percept left blind

Can I fight for whats right

The answer is somewhere

Out of sight; and out of mind






I’m lost in time and space and no one is going to find me

In that in-between state of blissful purgatory

I’m lost in that subconscious place of imagination

There is no way that your going to be able to find me

Through the darkness I walk and sleep eternally

I don’t want to leave this place anyways

So don’t try to find me; I am happy here

There is so much unknown that I can never grow bored

The unknown is the cascading infinite mind

This unknown is all I have ever known

Thunderstorms in the nights sky

Illuminate my mind

The flickering oceans and streams

A state of trance

And bliss

And love