Hanging over an edge

The hammer bounced off of my skull

The world rings like a bell around me

I’m still conscious but I can’t breath

My lover holds me; she loves me

She brings me up and out

Slowly but surely the ringing fades

The bell hammer has left me scarred

I cry; shake and my world trembles

Crying for help but I was answered

She reminds me that im still here

And I am safe; is she an angel

Yes she is. My angel who understands

Pain and sorrow

As we persue happiness

In a mad mad world…

Life has led me to many places… Although I don’t mean I wander the globe. These places are spiritual and inside me. One day I’m here n the next I’m gone. I walk through heaven and hell and everywhere in between. How have I found joy in this pain?

To construct ones mind in rhyme

A deadly sublime: mighty pen

Dripping sword in my soul

Swallowed whole

Into my own depths

Fuck these sobering thoughts

I thought I could walk

Even crawl; I can not

I lay in this yin yang

Blue as the ocean

Hoping n wishing

Finding peace again

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