Come along… E.D.

As I continue my path I struggle with the terrain that lay beneath me. Trying not to trip on these minor roots and suffer a fall.

Trying to remain above it all.

Helping the ones that have come along for this journey to peace. I’m grabbing your hand.

Come along with me.

I’ve been here before;

Before before. And there’s so much more…

This path is my dreams and my unseen future in the leaves and trees and vines and green

Green like life and blue like the beautiful truth n my love for you. It’s true.

As we walk we can talk about our futures present. As the light cascades upon our essence.

Worries can be left behind unattended. I simply surrender.

Please don’t fret these mountainous journeys upon journeys. Walk with me without worry.

Watch the enemies scurry from our towering shadows in the now. Don’t ask me how we have arrived.

I don’t know but here we are. Paradise

Life in love. The love in life.



The saga continues

n Im Riding it out

Blessed for another day.

Asking what you about

I struggle so I hustle

But could be humble without

Clout pays the bills; so ain’t no hiding

im out.

The fact is; no actin n I’m a provider

Grown up I show up n ignite it

Pushing my people up higher

This is superimposed

So I suppose I’m a writer

More like a rider

I don’t care if nobody reads this verse

I care about my seeds n my girl

I write these things for me

n I ain’t got a need in the world.