Clear. -Nina

I am alone. There is something surreal loneliness.

Hold my own. With a clear state of consciousness.

I’m feeling blessed. My destiny manifest

The daily quest. And I succeed in the test.

Pressing on. I’ll do my best; word is bond.

Build with my people. Moving up. and moving on.

So come with me. I used to run around the slum city.

Doing just about anything. For some fun; a buck fifty.

But things change. I set up my own stage.

And I ask for your help. Because theres a part to be played.

Dont be dismayed. By the corruption of the system.

The eyes telling lies And obstructing all our vision.

Everything you seek is in oneself.

To seek justlook inside. Finding the depths of your realm.

Or where I roam. Buddhism is my home.

I return to center. Clear to the temporal lobe.

Passing Time Atracting vibes

The new world of mine as like time everchanging

There can be no explanation; explaining is draining

Simplified is best I Left the intricuits obstaining

The new path to walk calm collected stone rock

Time barely has the time to tick tock in the fast lane Im shocked

My venture is obsessive dream states awaking

I was painstakingly awaiting; shaking like earth quaking

Upon arrival its trival trouble trivial Im minimul

Like hip hop subliminals you better love me

I type this ignited sitting comfy.