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Transgender Artist and Producer Vancouver Canada My name is Nina Yin Vestergaard / Nina Shade , 27 year old transgender female from Vancouver Canada. Currently doing art / studying full time. I try to indulge in as many art forms as possible. Connect with me!

Morning rhymes

Thank the universe for I am born again

Electricly conduct positivity

For my breath breathes the white light

I am calm and at peace with my storm

Born again I thank the universe

I do not act drastic only compassion

Incredibly blessed; no stress

Buddha dhamma awaits; I’ll taste

The roots of ginsing in the morning

Reflect and cleanse any bad

Any sad I replace it as a lesson

And let myself grow; as I let it go

Pursuit of happiness; no grasping it; just be

I’m just me; sitting in the lotus

Meditating to infinity



The story really begins now

Im finally in now

I can’t explain how

Deep this feeling is

And what it really is

Peace love compassion

Thats my reaction

To war or hate crimes

or the evil that’s in fassion

I motivate, cultivate for the family

By any means necessary

I learnt some lessons clearly

Now everyday I wake up

And count my blessings in me.

I am sacred

The world has broken my wings

Thrown me under

Deep down I fall

Until a can fall no more

I have drowned myself

In this world for too long

When I finally ascend

I will be thankful

For this cruel world