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You and I.

I cry tears for me

And I cry tears for you

Making me tremble

Shaking the earth

Did I cause such hurt

To you?

Do I have an idea

Of what Ive put you through

Tried so hard; running

Right over the edge

I wrote to you


And sometimes I even bled

Said much as I could

Wishing you would love me

Like I loved you

What could I do

And what’s left unsaid too?



Nothing is concrete; it is infinite.


Nothing is concrete in this life

Down to the molecular level

Even atoms can be split

Change is constant

Evolution is constant

Growth is constant

Into infinity….

Everything seems to be changing all around us

And seemingly so

Faster and faster and faster

Humans have adapted to this

We use technology to expand our adaptation

And change is very hard to control

When the scientists created the atomic bomb

They did not know if it would decimate us all

Grasping the speed of light


And faster



Nothing is concrete.

It is infinite.