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Dream Train – Nina


Dream train to sublime bliss in nirvana

with euphoric melodies echoing at the station

While fesh rain hitting the hot concrete smell fills the air;

a Journey to the new world; I can imagine

Standing on my tippy toes atop mount Everest,

laughing with the Gods.




Nina Yin


Thank you. :)

photoedit_1445979067221Thank you to all of my followers and supporters of my new blog here at goodnightnina.WordPress and ninayinartcollection.WordPress

I try to release content daily to inspire creative minds alike and make people think, getting reactions and feedback make it totally worth it.

Thank you and welcome to my new followers!

Nina Yin

Looking down. – Nina

I often look down as I walk

not because I am ashamed

I want to see my feet placed upon the earth for that one moment

Feeling my foots friction against the earth, vibrations

I will never take this step again

Every step in life, you may only take once

To live in and appreciate every step for as beautiful or as dark as it may be;

I am in this moment.


Shadows on The Sun -Nina

Blessing to be alive and recognize that girl in the mirror, she’s smiling and smiling, smiling delirious.

Smiling in pouring rain, smiling in snow, smiling is important, to smile when it’s cold.

Miracles seen, kind of like lifelike dream but ,materialized unto me, so I’m so positive indeed

Battling happily, keep writing and enter psyche, destructured and restructured, sharing, airing it out for my comfort likely

This moment…. will I remember love beaming from my heart when it’s done?

Cause last week I was in the streets; darkness cast shadows on the sun.

Nina Yin Vestergaard