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No story.

My story has never really been told. It’s hard to comprehend my life in any concrete sense. It’s a brutally savage blur that I simply have to live through. I can’t really remember a time in my life that didn’t feel slightly torturous. Everything always falls down and I beat myself mercilessly for this. It makes me anxious; so anxious I cry often. And I want to die often. Today is my 30th birthday and I lay on my bed reflecting on these 30 years on earth. I never thought I would make it this far. I just generally assumed that something or someone would have taken my life long ago. I do have my happy moments but they are generally outweighed by burdens and anxiety… Or psychosis. I wish it wasn’t like this but it is. Addicted to alcohol but living in denial that I’m in control. I am not in control and my pain becomes everyone around mes pain. For that I am ashamed. I do not love myself very often. How can I love another. This all sounds so depressing but … Sometimes I just need to explain what’s hidden behind my smiles and laughter. I try and try to love with all of my heart but everyone just ends up hurt. Me included.

I’m sorry.


Journey. – Nina

You are the stars in my sky.

Carrying me like wind beneath my feet.

In a crazy world; you are my peace of mind.

Counting my blessings with you and burried my burdens.

I’m looking forward. Not back.

Follow in eachothers step. You help me to breathe. Fresh air…

of your love is best.


Love and poetry.

Just want to piece together more peace together.

Eat and sleep together; live and breathe together.

Loving is just so simple sometimes.

As simple as the next breath.

And meeting you was the first step.

To that easily in place; simply saying “I love you.”

Love and poetry…

They go hand in hand.

I do miss you as I write this and it keeps me calm.

Keeping a storm at bay in my soul.

Love Nina

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