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An open letter to my love.

It’s 6:50 AM. I’m feeling pretty good, I love the early mornings and they say its a good time to be creative because the subconscious mind is still active; naturally I go to the computer and begin writing. As I do every morning so it often gives me dejavu. Thinking about my girlfriend and what she means to me.

The coffee is made and she’s sound asleep in the bedroom. We saw star wars last night and it was really nice to finally got to see something in theaters because we watch movies obsessively; it’s almost absurd. I love her with all my heart, she likes to say “no you dont”, when I tell her I do. It’s a cute game. One of many; such a tease. Laughing as I type.*

Both of our lives shifted and changed in a huge way when we met; slowly at first but it seems as though we’ve moved mountains in this cherished blip in time. I’m moved in many ways; changed for the good. True love moves mountains and I feel blessed. Here I am; writing away with her as my inspiration. Codependent in a productive fashion, we like to set goals and 99% of the time we reach them, we are like an unstoppable force. At least that’s how I feel.

Alike and polar opposites, a perfect balance of attraction; opposites attracting, yin and yang. Β The law of attraction we both believe in. She thinks she has bad luck and I think I have good luck ,so we can sit in harmony together; our lives balanced in opposition but also in love. She pushes me to keep going in all my art forms and avoid wasting my time and energy on useless “shit”. Β I’m a slow learner and she is quick, so I appreciate when she can see the storms coming before I can.


Keep watching over me.


Love, Nina Yin


Harder, better, faster, stronger.


So special what you have given to me:

Keeping me in company and inspired when I’m without you. These literary splendors that I wanted without even knowing it. Sometimes I think you know more about me than I do. I’m not really ever feeling alone, even when your gone “I was just about to call you” … “I’m reading the books you bought for me,”…

Growing because of it, picking them up, writing, picking them up, writing , but as you know it’s ever so slowly how my learning process works, ever-changing and emotional, but you ground me, I can’t thank you enough. Simply enjoying um…. everything!

blue eyes reading long hair books smiling lying down anime girls black hair 3224x1535 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_26

You like to read but wouldn’t admit it so, Β I called you on it :P…..Proud of you and always have been so give your self some credit. My oblivious attitude or Inclinclinations to only hear what I want to hear…. a little ashamed knowing now how lucky that I really am, a little spoiled, but in the good ways, the kind that builds up a person stronger, and a relationship stronger.

I like reading to you, poetry, literature and articles, I never really had someone that would “listen” to me and it felt like a curse. We watch documentaries even if they are bootlegged and blurry, just so we can learn and grow; heartbreaking and heartwarming cycle. I think everything is a cycle; like an ocean tide or the sunset. Artistically or. Visually. Sending you my love.



Nina “Yin” Vestergaard





My Clouds


Wasting time in the clouds: Indescribable comfort, it must be magic. Winters cold outside and I’m warm in my bed; moaning, rejoicing, grinning with delight. I went through a lot to get here: a home, and my bed is wonderful. My time in the clouds.

As I smile and say goodnight;


Nina Yin Vestergaard

Tea . A Zen Story; rewritten by Nina Vestergaard.


A Buddhist monk who studied and meditated on the teachings of Buddha for over a decade wanted to speak with an enlightened one who dwelled alone in a small temple high in the mountains. He prepared for his journey eager to hear his teaching. After 7 days of rigorous hiking he reached the temple.

The master greeted him and welcomed him inside. The master put some tea on to boil and they sat in silence. The monk became very eager and unsettled in not hearing his teaching. The master poured the tea and sat with the monk. The monk didn’t drink his tea and began questioning his master of Buddha.

The master replied.. “You have studied Buddhism for 20 years and can not simply enjoy this cup of tea?” The monk wept…. as another step to enlightenment lay under his feet….

Nina Yin

My Journey. My Zazen. Studies n Poetry.

Misty rain on Mount Lu
And waves surging in Che-chiang;
When you have not yet been there,
Many regret you surely have;

But once there and homeward you send,
How matter of fact things look!

Misty rain on Mount Lu
And waves surging in Che-chiang….


Samsara: Birth and Death.

Buddhist scriptures have it, the darkness of the cave itself turns into enlightenment when a torch of spiritual insight burns. Darkness and enlightenment are not two separate things. Is life not as we live it, cut into pieces by recklessly applying the murderous knife of intellectual surgery?

::::::My robe is torn, shreds hanging and blowing in the wind::::::::::

Whatever this is, there is one thing in this connection which we can never afford to lose sight of – that is, the peace of poverty (for peace is only found in poverty)Β moral ground. Zen is quite emphatic in this mystic flight, comes from fighting the battle of life courageously and undauntingly.

Written by Nina Shade Vestergaard taken from Zen Buddhism organized by D.T. Suzuki and the teachings of ancient zen master Pai-Chang Nieh-P’an.

Peace upon you all.