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KeyStyleFreeStyle Poetry – Nina


Abstract in concrete form.
At last; I attack at the breaking dawn.
Fast track to my wake its on.
Fast cash; and I can take it all.
Wait thats wrong… I want life.
Looking back at my life and I can’t wait at all.

Luminous these lights be; I don’t take it lightly
Every breath that a breathe could be the last and it might be.
But I’m gripping tightly,Riding on through the moonlight.
I aint got to prove that I; been through a hood life.

Came to the front lines. Where you won’t get a front line.
Sniffed up the down and almost died in the hindsight.
So call me survivor. Killuminati Reviver
The storm is my calm and its gets me more higher.


Taoist Mystic – Nina

There was nothing, became everything, words devastating.

The tongue is far sharp-er sword. Bit-er sweet words

They ink jot and plot on pages

Captivating your mind, your captive in this ancient

Way. Since pyramids you peer-amidst scripture

The script will surely fit-the-picture

Graffiti-esque hieroglyphs; of time

In rhyme-form or devine-chords

Forever and ever and ever… trying to define more

Writers n biters, stolen ideas are the highest potential in-sequential

Prior to this something there was a comforting nothing



Source: Taoist Mystic by Nina Yin

Pondering The Magical Light-Switch – Nina

nina-on-fire-copySometimes…. if not always, I ponder the magical lightswitch .

Dark usually.. Black, or even a dim glow through my windowpane…

Wondering where it is!

Searching with my dumbfounded mind and wandering hands…

Ive been searching so long but the longer I search perhaps the more convinced I become that there really is a light switch.

“Where is it?”.

Wandering through the dark

An electrical pulse. Or a frequency sent.


If one could simply turn the lightswitch all would be seen.

A transcending force.

I close my eyes harder, as if focussing deep inside my mind body and soul.

Fearing what I may see once found.

Too curious to give up on my quest.


…for the light switch.




Over a fucking^^ rainbow, ;) – Nina

A glorified boring story… Spilled guts of glory, implored instored deph percept the gore; me. Slips my toung, crack the drumb; dumb deaf blind and I drank myself knum’>Wake up your your teeth in my fist n creep through the myst. Out the traintunnel better detained cuz im bustin uptempo currupt abrubt and strange* somehow remain humble? Assertained a few nasty lacerations; theres more pride n that than a facelift. ^.^ Hustle like anything else, son you a little stress. sum to get off ya chess?


Checkmate and a big chain. Switch blades hop on the trains n dipped day’zed.


Hyphen. Gasping for Air

Quest quest questionz’

Only me and my reflectionz’

Have me left guessin’ gaspin’ 4 air’

I wanna’ see thangs clear n’

Not despair’

I’ve lived too many daydream nightmarez’

Upon these days revolve’ the self doubt’

In out and about’

Wishin’ I had clout n a stout’

Aerosol candid bandit’

Maybe a mic n my hand its’ jus a little’

Piece of the puzzle’

The pitbull muzzle’


Reciting lyrical exitement’

Take a bite of forbidden fruits’


The way these rhymes take me away.




Story n Poetry; Alive – Nina

Without language and open eyes, Running through a mossy forest I roused out of the bush Into the city. I was curious of the lights through the windowpanes And of the cars and trains, Cityskapes and cranes. I was playful and oblivious; toying with fire. With colorful emotions and with speech… Who is that… Making the onlookers angry with the innocent grins. Concrete playgrounds with monsters and mongrels, Angels and demons. In this City of Sin

Unaware of gifted assistance, I manifested different stories for my journey and an inexplicable imagination good, bad, the ugly, magnificence; Bouncing around the new jungle like a gypsy , Speaking in different tongues And resting my head; wherever suits best. Falling in and out of love. Hope and loss .

Not sure if I was found or lost.

It’s all in the head.