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Taoist Mystic – Nina


There was nothing, became everything, words devastating.

The tongue is far sharp-er sword. Bit-er sweet words

They ink jot and plot on pages

Captivating your mind, your captive in this ancient

Way. Since pyramids you peer-amidst scripture

The script will surely fit-the-picture

Graffiti-esque hieroglyphs; of time

In rhyme-form or devine-chords

Forever and ever and ever… trying to define more

Writers n biters, stolen ideas are the highest potential in-sequential

Prior to this something there was a comforting nothing



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Song of the Day! Vancouver’s own…. GRIMES – Oblivion




I never walk about, after dark
It’s my point of view
‘Cause someone could break your neck
Coming up behind you, always coming and you’d never have a clue

I never look behind, all the time
I will wait forever, always looking straight
Thinking, counting, all the hours you wait

See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night

And now another clue, I would ask
If you could help me out
It’s hard to understand
‘Cause when you’re running by yourself
It’s hard to find someone to hold your hand

And now it’s good to be tough on me
But I will wait forever
I need someone else to look into my eyes and tell me
Girl you know you gotta watch your health

To look into my eyes and tell me
La la la la la
To look into my eyes and tell me
La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la

Searching – Nina


She was the emotional type, Unsure if she’ intro or extroverted.

She didn’t know if she wanted to volunteer or do crime ;at times it’s worth it.

She didn’t know if the world is real, standing still, if she’d grown up ,or was still just a kid.

She didn’t know if she’s good or bad, happy or sad and she REALLY never knew all the things that she had.

It’s because she didn’t know that she continued to grow.

Searching for answers.

That she never would know.




The interconnected manifest – Nina


The abstract thoughts relevant to concrete form;

everything is connected making the magic very real

Submerged in self awareness yet profoundly connected

in imaginative design and inclinations creating and manifesting its form

Dreams and reality are not so far apart; both created by the mind and collected in the mind

to be analyzed and articulated

What today may bring is up to me as well as the destiny

We’ll have to work together or bound in self destruction

I can make today whatever I want it to be

Setting Destiny Stones for me to walk upon with grace

Or they could tower over me; an abrupt fate

Creating overwhelming fear in my heart

But if I choose to take destiny

Fate and future into my hands

I know I can surely manifest

Stepping stones upward on this journey into tomorrow

Into the sky with my dreams once again.


Nina Yin