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No Politiks only Politriks

Politikal Science Follow Obediently Blinded

Enforced by hollow Tips

Mindless and Spineless Man Earth Defying

Needing A Castration

The Entire Planet A Mass Nation

Polluting This Vast Placement

Presidential Vampires Circle A Campfire

I.E. The World Burns

And it Worsens As The World Turns

It remains Cursed in

A Mass Hypnosis; No focuss

Mankind like Locusts

But There Has And Always been A Chosen few

Denounce The Past And Restart Anew

Lets Start With You

Whats your Plan and Part to Do?


Open skies…


Open your eyes

The sky carries

Aloft the breeze

Us and we;

Bound to the infinite starscape

Natural infinity

For you and I to give birth

To the reborn Sun

Over and over again

The clarity cascades

Eliminate corruption and pain


It evaporates the evil upon the earth

We’re on that verge of eclipse

Close your eyes and imagine

Our Rebirth.


John’s refrain (V out of V) — Haiku out of africa

dare we imagine – a world without religion? – that will bring us peace © Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/ Written in collaboration with Poets for Peace where the full poem is available, here it is released on five consecutive Wednesdays

via John’s refrain (V out of V) — Haiku out of africa