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I have been reborn over and over but… This time is different I’ve never been sober for this long; decades of relentless; alcohol dependence

The days are in the hundreds; gather abundance; knowledge. Confront my fears try to be humble and acknowledge.

Keep focus; meditation half lotus. Buddha quotes rewrote them post them. Try to be open.

Lessons learned; a great deal. I wait still. Time stands still. The virtue of patience.

As I await, awake here.

Addicted. – Nina

I’m addicted to mindless (and or ) intellectual stimuli,

Staring aimlessly into the sky,

Addicted to who what where and why,

Substances that change my mental chemistry,

Addicted to my lives entity,

I’m addicted to love and kindness,

I’m addicted to danger and excitement,

Addicted to make up, mirrors and outfits,

Poems, videos, streaming through fiberoptics,

I’m addicted to this world I’ve created,

Addicted to theatrics and new faces,

Cooking for my lover, Being with her and…

I’m addicted to climbing under the covers

I’m addicted to the mystic,

In love.

And then I wake up again…



Source: Addicted. – Nina