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Harder, better, faster, stronger.


So special what you have given to me:

Keeping me in company and inspired when I’m without you. These literary splendors that I wanted without even knowing it. Sometimes I think you know more about me than I do. I’m not really ever feeling alone, even when your gone “I was just about to call you” … “I’m reading the books you bought for me,”…

Growing because of it, picking them up, writing, picking them up, writing , but as you know it’s ever so slowly how my learning process works, ever-changing and emotional, but you ground me, I can’t thank you enough. Simply enjoying um…. everything!

blue eyes reading long hair books smiling lying down anime girls black hair 3224x1535 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_26

You like to read but wouldn’t admit it so,  I called you on it :P…..Proud of you and always have been so give your self some credit. My oblivious attitude or Inclinclinations to only hear what I want to hear…. a little ashamed knowing now how lucky that I really am, a little spoiled, but in the good ways, the kind that builds up a person stronger, and a relationship stronger.

I like reading to you, poetry, literature and articles, I never really had someone that would “listen” to me and it felt like a curse. We watch documentaries even if they are bootlegged and blurry, just so we can learn and grow; heartbreaking and heartwarming cycle. I think everything is a cycle; like an ocean tide or the sunset. Artistically or. Visually. Sending you my love.



Nina “Yin” Vestergaard