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Time for a break; Away from poetry and into traditional art media! – Nina


Ive been blogging for 10 months and its been a blast writing articles, poetry and journaling but I have been starting to miss spending my spare time painting and sketching. I am exited to dedicate the months leading up to summer painting the things in life that inspire me.

I find inspiration from so many things; buddhism, graffiti, anime and my traditional native art to; painting portraits or abstract art and it is truly just as gratifying as writing a heartfelt poem or blog post. I’m happy to return to the sketchbook, wood, canvas and sometimes the concrete.

I spent a short portion today painting a large portrait of buddha and I loved it!

Im happy to keep it moving!

Care to join me?



Suiko. Hiroshima, Japan. Graffiti Artist. — Frankie Beane

Suiko is Hiroshima. Japan-based. He discovered graffiti when he went on an exchange program in the final semester of university. The year was 1999. His name means a variation ot things–even according to Suiko himself. As near as I can tell it boils down to: be crazy and do what you want because you can. […]

via Suiko. Hiroshima, Japan. Graffiti Artist. — Frankie Beane