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Flowers in the City – My current art project.


These are all stickers. “Slaps” I bought them from the dollar store, people find graffiti to symbolize violence but I’d like to present my works to the streets, “Flowers in the City”.








Philadelphia Street Art. The beautiful aftermath of hurricane Katrina.


” Bordered by a failed public housing project, the exhibit, a colorful oasis in a desert of urban blight, has attracted public acclaim but private city condemnation, and new plans to build over the site’s dramatic history remain in limbo.”

“We wanted to make people talk about what happened here and what could happen here,”
Odums (a.k.a. bmike) says of ExhibitBE, which is part of theProspect.3 art biennial. “We hope that, with this, we get people to see blight differently. To see that it’s connected to something larger than just that physical space,” he says. “Each piece of blight is connected to someone’s story and that story deserves respect and deserves honor and deserves some consideration.”

Full Article at:How This Building Covered In Eye-Popping Street Art Explains New Orleans