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Untitled – Nina

Stopped for a moment, your pause awaits response.

I reply simply a clause initially flawed; you gaze in awe.

I have guideline on my timeline refined rhymes that define: I

Raps attached to gun toting n exploding that are of a frozen stat.

Love infinite; dismissed diminishing oblivious differences.

Opposing that.

I break the chains of the vicious cycle malicious carnivorous.

Do you have a moment to change fate? My pen n pad a gateway….

Man-made, stake-claims, fake-gains of “dollar bills”.

You got to.







Nina Yin – Hip Hop Slam Poetry. -We Unpredictable.

I see through third eye, they say check the optometrist.

Blossoming seed, forever I am an optimist.

Inspire cause im inspired, by any and all mediums.

Acquire the gift and uplifting all my people with.

Artistic mystic, significantly shifting.

My wishlist is listed linguistics

I put the drank down and put this thang down.

I see clear as a vision no mystery in me now.

My mind is yin yang, the Sun Tzu art of war.

I’ve already won, pen over your sword

But I’m chilling on stand by samurai in the the darkness.

Rooftop of the projects, assembling an arsenal.

Student w no teacher, Witty unpredictable, resemblance self

until death I get deeper.