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I’m lost in time and space and no one is going to find me

In that in-between state of blissful purgatory

I’m lost in that subconscious place of imagination

There is no way that your going to be able to find me

Through the darkness I walk and sleep eternally

I don’t want to leave this place anyways

So don’t try to find me; I am happy here

There is so much unknown that I can never grow bored

The unknown is the cascading infinite mind

This unknown is all I have ever known

Thunderstorms in the nights sky

Illuminate my mind

The flickering oceans and streams

A state of trance

And bliss

And love






Keystyle rhymes / Bliss -Nina


Just give me a pen… Ascend.

Words cut like a knife, embedded n sewn like thread

Bled out poems so I’m light in the head

Here’s the bread.


Whether or not you can weather the hot

Cold, Bold,

Only know what we’re told, it’s

The lives that we know…


I reign down like a thunderstorm…

Tattering Windows on your screen

What’s she coming for?

It’s left unsaid.


We all change faces, n stages, it’s amazing

To look back where we came from

The fate of… ya


“State of mind”…


Time and time again

We find and; (REMIND)


To Catch a moment of bliss…

Sublime n here’s a…







Smiling Nina


I smile through great obstacles

Strive for the moments of magic

I see it all around me, dancing along the city lights

In the essence of my home and my lover.

Pushing, striving to keep this magic alive.

I would’ve guessed I’d be dead by now when I was youth;

Depressive state.

But now….

Everything’s is in its place

With the potential to become something better.

I become less and less afraid; stronger every day.