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Capitalize with capital lies. By Nina Yin

All that television got em Fucked Up.

Society super superficial; Meanwhile… Cruiser missiles hitting impoverished Fallujah village

Mankind rape and pillage; Distasteful images… is what the image is… 

I wish we’d all take a warrior stance but according to stats: most of our warriors are employed in cash

Oil money, mine money it’s all just thug and blood money

Drug money from the war on terror, God Damn, this smells funny

Cut the trees down to feed more cattle. Pretty soon we can’t breathe; and all the air flammable

The Immaculate race to destroy our own habitat … A slap in the face to mother earth, and no I’m not having that

Planet of plastic, castration of our world’s future.

Capitalize with capital eyes telling y’all the capital lies!

Palm oil, bomb deployments and American marines on all soil. It’s getting hot in the kitchen I tell ya’ we all boil.

I spit these bars naturally, happily.

We need to be natural, balancing.

Factual and Practicing

What we preach.

They keys to humanity’s salvaging.