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198. Jubilee Street (4) — Natural adventures

An old, and now long gone wildstyle piece from Deamze in my favourite backwater, Jubilee Street. This is a beautiful work, which is offset really well with the robot character at the right hand end. There are so many Deamze works in Bristol, the next couple of posts will also feature some of his great […]

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187. Stokes Croft, the Carriageworks (6) — Natural adventures

Over the last weekend the fabulous pairing of SPZero76 and Mr Wigz got busy on one of the middle arches of the Carriageworks. Their combinations work very well and have a vibrancy and humour about them. SPZero76 works on the characters, which often feature a raccoon, which is odd because despite them appearing in the live […]

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Graffiti Daily: 172. Jubilee Street (3)

A beautiful sunny day in November 2015 treated me to some fabulous walls that still sustain me now. This is a well worked collaboration by Feek and Soker on the side of the Manor Scrap Company, and opposite the playgrounds of the Hannah Moore Primary School. It also appears that Deamze might have had a hand in […]

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GRAFFITI DAILY: Ashley Road (3) — Natural adventures

Just writing my name This wall is probably the most over-painted practice wall in Bristol.For any pieces to last here, they have to be pretty good. This brilliant and colourful work by Deamze remained intact and untagged for a long while, but like all good things it has now gone. It is impossible not to […]

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