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Forgotten Sand Castles – Words in the light ; poetry.

or silver shells,
sea glass pebbles,
blue-green diamonds…

a lost dolphin’s dream,
an angel walking on water,
or maybe the key that opens
all forgotten sand castles,

will we ever know
what a child
running on the beach
is looking for?


Enfant sur une plage des Landes (France) © 2016 – F.G.M.

Source: Forgotten Sand Castles

Where’-my? – Nina


I’m not here. I’m somewhere!

Sending these lines while my mind is “up there”.

Peaceful vibes seeding in rhymes

Fleeting rewind to childhood sublime

Run through the Brushwood

Playing pretend fairy tails or set sail down trails

I’m just lost in imagination

Fascination with my elevation…