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Open skies…


Open your eyes

The sky carries

Aloft the breeze

Us and we;

Bound to the infinite starscape

Natural infinity

For you and I to give birth

To the reborn Sun

Over and over again

The clarity cascades

Eliminate corruption and pain


It evaporates the evil upon the earth

We’re on that verge of eclipse

Close your eyes and imagine

Our Rebirth.


Peace and Clarity – Buddhism and The Dharma Via GreatMiddleWay


These two mental states are conducive to correct knowledge. Which two?

Peace and clarity.By developing peace, what purpose is served? Mind is purified.

By purifying mind, what purpose is served? Craving is abandoned.

By developing clarity, what purpose is served? Wisdom is developed.

By developing wisdom, what purpose is served? Ignorance is abandoned.

Defiled by craving, the mind is not released [from emotional agitation], and defiled by ignorance, wisdom is not developed.

Thus, abandoning craving through peace, there is liberation of the mental fluctuations, and abandoning ignorance through clarity, there is liberation by wisdom.—Buddha

Shakyamuni, Vijjābhāgiya Sutta

Source: Peace and Clarity