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Writers block / The way out

There’s inspiration everywhere. It’s as though “writers block” is simply a reflection of mood; a depressive nothingness. Have no fear and continue writing whether it is of substance or not. “Apply ass to chair” is what my teacher Fred Thorsen would say about creative blocks and distractions. Anxiety also creates barriers for writers, when those feelings aroused in me he would tell me to chug water. Sceptical I was of this method but now it’s absolutely proven (in my case) to alleviate stress. Green tea works even better! Allowing my body to flush stress and get back to work. Write even if you don’t want to write or search for that shot although your frustrated. Sometimes the best of works come from angst and frustration.

Sometimes writers can often lose a sense of their creative side, seeing everything as bland, already done, boring or pointless. Let me say this, although we as artists have passion for pen, paper, canvas and camera lenses we need more than just these outlets . ¬†Artists should take mini vacations from life regularly, renewing and nourishing our inner artist and our inner child, exploring, learning and getting away from “it all”. Try doing something just for you. Once a week. Write daily, good or bad, paint, snap shots and keep going.