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Loco lovers you.


You’re insane.

Thats partially why I love you so.

I lovers your insanity.

Your insane for loving me.

Insanity is sane though.

For Im loco.

Loco infatuated with hearing your voice.

Yeah… My loco soul does rejoice.

Every day when I wake up and wait for your call.

From my loco everything

And my insane all.








WishINI wasCrAZier Than I am NOW

It’D be More Profound iF i Silenced the sound…

After the rounds rained n ANnounced My Style

Hopefully I wouldn’t go down the DarKER path and nod out

Go all out; fall off; fall out; ON CLOUT.

Demount reality and call out.

Im fuckin here NoW

Yeah its fucking weird now

Maybe I’d be an EyeCon with what I’m on

I know I’m TNEREFFID you can see it with the lights off

Im mad / myself for being mad /myself

Why my whole life; I dig a hole right

Where my soul right?

My soles are holes from walking the road I…

I know that ain’t right; just killing me in HindzsightZ

Get my mind right by loosening the screw$

S-hits too tight-

and the timing for losing my mind

Was Juuuuust Right.

But if I was more loco I’d know more-so the deeper the door goes

Open it up…

Then I wouldn’t be mad at myself; simply just mad; myself

I’d fight viciously and live vicariously promiscuously

Winking she*

And obliviously write on the walls of history

Maybe I’d be that myth n that mystery that sets me free

I could be anyone and anything and when its ALL SAID AND DONE

Maybe they’d remember me

As a brave soul; a soldier went an awal for a great good

If I could be a better me than I wouldn’t have a name

Just an entity that recipes the next belief

Sets me free and I can R.I.P.

In the gutter where my mind

Has always been.



Unnatural – Nina


You ever wonder if this is all a little too right?

Or a little too wrong?

If life was previously scripted?

Would that explain the mystic?

Or am i being superstitious that god would hold me like he’s superficial.

Haunted taunted and flaunted; fraud, a masquerade ; a facade ascertained:

Such… Immense Pain

From the darkness of which I abide; just simply trying to hide

From everything.

Wondering if life is a cruel joke and I’m the punchline…

I’m just indulging you in my psychotic life enduced paranoia

Pretend your me for just a moment

Everything I’ve ever done and seen and been did a god condone it?

I have extremed hightened senses that might implement the actions of a lunatic

A full moon is lit and the night is luminous

You must be new to this…

Welcome to a place where you’re not afraid to die because if you don’t die you’re afraid they’ll die because we all came here to die.

No lie.

I haven’t slept in days; its been about a week and I’m a subject of 21st century ways

How unnatural is this age

It can make anybody crazy






Rampart my darkness. – Nina

Whatdyaa say we rampart my darkness?

Find out why my back arches

Lets play truth or dare

But a far more ruthless stare

From my innocent eyes

Watch me deminish my life to the abysmal truth

I live in disguise

I’ll tease you with my innocence

Reach out to touch and it diminishes

To a screaming demon with no rhyme or reason

Arching my back

Come back I’ll please you…

Drawn in my my fingertips

I’m the master of my own exploitation

A buck naked damnation

I’m demeaning myself

Demons revealing themselves

I’m a doctrine of my own toxins

Choking myself of oxygen

I cut my own lifeline

Watch the rope wither away

Falling for years

It’s Always been this way.

Theres only that one fucking moment in the day

Telling you to give the fuck up or keep going or to lay down and die or to run far far away

This isn’t the last time for me to lay down and die

I’ll die tomorrow and the next day and the next

Dying to have another step to take in any direction that isn’t “here”

Using all sorts of escape mechanisms

But the traps Ive created are far too real

Far too painful and I will never heal

I will never run away from this

Ever again



Passion; one way or another. – Nina


Instead of bullshitting I’m going to tell you… Of my passions for danger; they always have been there and always will ignite my soul. I’ve done things and seen things and been places and although left with some regrets… Although the regrets run deep…

I can’t ignore this burning desire for the unknown intertwined darkness; it always ascends on my life one day; in one way way or another.

What is it this time Nina?