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I miss my brother

Oh night sky

Riddle me this under a dozen moons

Why am I here

I sit alone as the sky begins to bloom

Is he with me?

My defiant existence

Finding a sentiment in my resistance

I’m lucky to still be here

Grant me the strength



Missing my fallen Angel

Why did you take him

I miss him



Split personalities; Conflict her realities

But her linguistics; Split anatomies;

Vertigo catastrophy; with haphazard analogies

Blindfolded and walking through my tragedy

Off the dock ; I’m off the clock casually

Awaiting my death; my last breathe is naturally

My first moment of clarity; I’m not afraid to die

Simple n plain when it’s that day it’s time

I hope my life shine through the darkness

That blinds you; finds you, after all:

I had the time to….

Rhyme To you.



She can’t give up…


She won’t …

Beaten as the path we all walk till our deaths

Beaten bruised tattered and torn


She is the fiery storm;

The fiery storm she fears the more than anything

Yet she won’t give up

She walks… and walks…

Alone in solitude

She veils herself like an ancient goddess

Hidden amongst shadows

Why wouldn’t she be?

On planet corrupted with dark clouds?

One must be protected but

The rain pours and drips down…

Alone, cold, damp and dark

Reflections of it all beaming upward

At her face looking sadly down

Dreary gloom…

Her feet place upon them;

Cascading the lights and reflective glow

Lights of dreams always forever flicker and move amongst the rain

She keeps walking

She has to go…

The wake of her forgotten smile is somewhere

So she searches for it

Until time ceases to exist

She can’t give up.

She won’t…

Walking on the beaten path we all walk

Till death.


When I Die – Nina

I want graffiti chiseled on my tombstone

I want a BBQ  for a funeral

Throw some vinyls in my casket

Know that I died doing whatever made me happy

Don’t cry a bit

My life was nice kid…

Pour your self a drink and be happy;

My life LIVED

Whatever art n possessions I got

Not a lot…

Donate them to a charity

Including my organs before they bury me

Life is good and death is never scaring me

See you in the next life

Or wherever we may be…


Buddhism and The Dharma; Compassion: How many more must die? — Great Middle Way

If you buy the flesh, the animal was killed specifically for you. Who else is the “beneficiary”? And you, in buying the flesh, have placed an order for another animal to be slaughtered, for you or the next customer. Sell stock, restock. Does anyone not understand the rudiments of commerce, everywhere and at all times? […]

via How many more must die? — Great Middle Way

Dreaming of murder by: Nina


6:19 AM :That’s sleeping in for me. Crawl to the laptop and its hard to keep my eyes open. The coffee maker is crackling. I just dreamt that I murdered an old friend and oddly thats not shocking and I’m just exited how real the night city-scape was in my subconscious mind.  So surreal and I definitely had no idea I was dreaming: asking friends for help to cover up the murder. I cant remember exactly what he did but it was enough for us to bash his skull in. Blood stained memory cards taken by homicide investigators as I take cover in the night> Maybe this post is too much for the morning… I made a poetry slam video called: Dreams/Every Night because I dream every night and they are usually extremely realistic and often profound. Obviously there was more to the dream than the murder and thats why I brought it up. As I sat in the car going to pick up stolen evidence on the murder case; the lights and the city and the traffic just seemed “too real” more real than the concious world we live in. I came to the conclusion that this city was somes ort of duplicate (technically it was) I began to drive frantically through the alleys unsure where I was going DUMBFOUNDED BY SUBCONCIOUS IMAGERY left, right, left right. I come into a dead end… 6:19 AM:  Thats sleeping in for me. Crawl to the laptop and try to keep my eyes open…