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My pineal and subconcious intermingle

Billions of nuerons form to become a single vision

Lessons upon lessons intermittent

Questing for the answers of the tangent

Like LSD sparking the mind lightning

Some find the darkness parts and becomes frightning

But I lounge in this place and I am found in this place

Every single cell and sound in this place

The visions like a virtue

Nothing is real and therefor nothing can really hurt you


She’s my light; I won’t be lonely… I sleep.


You know I’m in another place, It isn’t there, but its the only…

Thing I know… Its my dreams;

and I follow them till dawn when I hear your voice

I’m going to be dancing in waterfalls until the sunrise; I can’t help it!

There we are… Together… And neither of us had to move as I dream of your beautiful face!

I must be smiling in my dreams; Im sure of it when its you and me…

So when we say goodnight and I drift away

I came SO MUCH closer to you; your beautiful grace…

You’re my light; so I’ll never be lonely

And It Goes Without


I love you.


Dreaming of murder by: Nina


6:19 AM :That’s sleeping in for me. Crawl to the laptop and its hard to keep my eyes open. The coffee maker is crackling. I just dreamt that I murdered an old friend and oddly thats not shocking and I’m just exited how real the night city-scape was in my subconscious mind.  So surreal and I definitely had no idea I was dreaming: asking friends for help to cover up the murder. I cant remember exactly what he did but it was enough for us to bash his skull in. Blood stained memory cards taken by homicide investigators as I take cover in the night> Maybe this post is too much for the morning… I made a poetry slam video called: Dreams/Every Night because I dream every night and they are usually extremely realistic and often profound. Obviously there was more to the dream than the murder and thats why I brought it up. As I sat in the car going to pick up stolen evidence on the murder case; the lights and the city and the traffic just seemed “too real” more real than the concious world we live in. I came to the conclusion that this city was somes ort of duplicate (technically it was) I began to drive frantically through the alleys unsure where I was going DUMBFOUNDED BY SUBCONCIOUS IMAGERY left, right, left right. I come into a dead end… 6:19 AM:  Thats sleeping in for me. Crawl to the laptop and try to keep my eyes open…



Nina Shade ( Nina Yin) Goodnightnina – Dreams / Every Night (Slam poetry over J Dilla)



I dream every night. It’s like I don’t sleep; I’m far to busy venturing rivers and streams, painting graffiti on infinite trains.

My dreams are what dreams are made of. My mind is the money so my vacation is paid up.

Tropical paradises on every turn. I’ve never seen so many gorgeous baby blue pools with pearls twirling my world.

I can fly if I want to and explore. I’m getting good, in fact I’m better than Peter pan. Taking off is tricky but I always land.

My dreams have music so I wake up singing with love. Lyrics that no conscious mind could think of.

My dreams have more amusing amusement parks than Californi and Dubai put together. My subconscious really got her shit together.

I have nightmares worst than Steven kings, but I’ve been into horror flicks since I was a kid.

But this is real time 3d and if it’s too deep I wake up n have some tea.

I dream.




I get lost in pitch black in my bed on a trip LSD couldn’t bring to light.

I get to live past futures; in surreal movements, clearer than glass to my mind when it computes it.

But my minds far more complex. More convex it sees more than I can comprehend.

How many times I saw the end or woke up to a new beginning, open my eyes and the rooms spinning,

Damn I’m dizzy that was trippy.

What were those lyrics I heard angels signings?

I turn the light on.

I got the light, write before it’s gone.

Pick up a pen and write down this midnight song.