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Samsara or nirvana

The Buddhist tibetan prayer flags on the top of mountain in Daocheng, Sichuan Province, Tibet of China.

I dream of the promise land; where peace abides

Mountains streamline across the sky

Prayer flags cross the trails on my path to freedom

I am given help along my jouney

Compassion for all the sentient beings on earth

This is my path and it was always meant for me

Rebirth; Samsara

Or a heavenly Nirvana



Am I still dreaming?

I sure don’t feel awake…

This all too familiar feeling…

I can’t move and I am in slow motion…

Restless but completely catatonic;

Somebody wake me up from this place!

I don’t want to be here anymore!

Looking down upon my body from the ceiling…


My dreams; who are you?


I visit my subconscious on a regular basis

An old friend and an old familiar world

This word is I

I think?

And I wonder who am I as I awaken…

Awakening thankful

Talking to it like…

“Thank you for taking me back to my world.

I missed you so much; all of my dreams.

All of my world and all of my thought.

It was beautiful to catch up.

Amoungst the graffiti and waterfalls.

I can never grow bored of you”.


But who are you Nina?

Who are you?

Are you my soul as I stare into this reflection?

Are you something else?

Are you a reflection of me?

Or of this earth.

Guess I’ll never know.





I’m lost in time and space and no one is going to find me

In that in-between state of blissful purgatory

I’m lost in that subconscious place of imagination

There is no way that your going to be able to find me

Through the darkness I walk and sleep eternally

I don’t want to leave this place anyways

So don’t try to find me; I am happy here

There is so much unknown that I can never grow bored

The unknown is the cascading infinite mind

This unknown is all I have ever known

Thunderstorms in the nights sky

Illuminate my mind

The flickering oceans and streams

A state of trance

And bliss

And love






Serendipt in…


Drip drop gently down the scene; streams n rivers

That meander baby blue colour of my eyes; revisit

Trickling; time ticking limitlessly

Staring into eclipsing; shifting serendipity

Abandoning my philosophies; my apologies

I’m just  Astrology;

I am the stars; As far as any eyes can see

My amplified subconscious; third eye wanderer

Conjuring soft spoken finesse

On top of the top

Dropping stones over the edge…





Dream Poetry – Nina

The wandering subconscious;

Abstract and poetic symphony

Into the depths of mystery

Taking me away; departing once again

My dreamcatcher bends time and unravels the other realm

I don’t know where I am going this time…

And this time…

The only time…

When time is irrelevant; non existent

Hymms of darkness; I listen.

Kaleidescope focussed

Eyes closed; I see everything that was once unnoticed

My existence is reminiscent but non-concrete

Like a blindfolded painter; blind unknown

But residing in an Oasis

My life formed a basis

When I close my eyes; its realized my mind designed

All of these creations.

So I arise from the depths each morning and rejoyce

Answer the phone

And hear my lovers voice

So happy to be alive

I have no other choice.