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False negative ego and goal setting. By Nina

I’ve proved myself wrong on so many occasions, I’ve doubted my potential and blown myself out of the water with success. It’s dangerous to doubt oneself and I think that most of us don’t even know what we are capable of. The trick to each of my successes was to persist beyond my self doubt; to overlook it by conquering fear of failure. I do once again have many goals I’d like to accomplish; goals I’ve left behind and overlooked. And again it’s time to ignore my false doubtful ego.

Why be scared? I’d rather fail trying to prove my doubtful ego wrong than to look back and see I didn’t try at all. In all actuality we as human beings have infinite potential. A potential to shape our lives and others around us. This occurs like a ripple effect and works in mysterious ways via laws of attraction and the perception of others.

I try and picture and visualize the positive changes I’d like to see; from big changes to small. I write notes to myself reminding me of what my goals are, over time things can be lost, so I take notes. Goals and aspirations take time to flourish so persistence is key. Don’t rely on others to do your goals for you but always remember…Sometimes we can’t always get to our goals on our own, and it’s okay to ask for help, in fact I encourage it. Doing things alone is never easy and you’d be surprised how much help you can get by simply asking. Believe it or not people want to help you. 

Try to imagine who and where you want to be.

Make your present self reflect that person and do as they would do.

Ignore your false doubtful ego.

Take control of your life and your goals.




Nina Yin – Hip Hop Slam Poetry. -We Unpredictable.

I see through third eye, they say check the optometrist.

Blossoming seed, forever I am an optimist.

Inspire cause im inspired, by any and all mediums.

Acquire the gift and uplifting all my people with.

Artistic mystic, significantly shifting.

My wishlist is listed linguistics

I put the drank down and put this thang down.

I see clear as a vision no mystery in me now.

My mind is yin yang, the Sun Tzu art of war.

I’ve already won, pen over your sword

But I’m chilling on stand by samurai in the the darkness.

Rooftop of the projects, assembling an arsenal.

Student w no teacher, Witty unpredictable, resemblance self

until death I get deeper.



Blessed for a reason. – Nina


Be blessed today: With courage to overcome and knowledge to build this day up as something to remember. That you’re day has the essence of love and smiling comfort surrounding you “peace” , and to feel creative and experience fresh new outlooks and ideas. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and fantasies. Explore your inner self, your Devine self and the meaning of why you are here.